KANTETSU´s Food Menu

* Prices do not include tax. we charge a separate consumption tax.




ゴマサバ 150.JPG menu.jpg eihire.jpg

Fresh Fish of the Day

Dressed with

Sesame Soy Sause

Beef Tendon Broiled Ray Fin
¥830〜 ¥550 Small ¥450 ¥450


塩辛 150.JPG きゅうり 150.JPG tukemono.jpg
Saited Squid Seared Cucumber Assorted Pickles
¥330 ¥370 ¥400


キムチ 150.JPG チャンジャ 150.JPG やっこ 150.JPG
Bok Choy Kimuchi

Salted Cod Entrails

in Spicy Sauce

Cold Tofu
¥300 ¥460 ¥330



menu.jpg 若鶏塩 150.JPG せせり 150.JPG

Beef Skirt Steak

with Salted Butter

Chicken with

Salted Butter

Green Onions on

Chicken Neck Meat

¥290 ¥260 ¥240


menu.jpg うめしそ 150.JPG アスパラ 150.JPG
Beef Offal

Pork Back Ribs

Grilled with

Perilla Plum Leaf

Asparagus Wrapped

with Pork Back Ribs

¥290 ¥220 ¥220


ベーコン 150.JPG しいたけ 150.JPG エリンギ 150.JPG
Daisen Bacon

Fried Shiitake


and Cheese

Fried King Trumpet 

Mushroom in Butter

and Soy Sauce

¥220 ¥280 ¥170


玉ねぎ 150.JPG ししとう 150.JPG もち明太150.JPG

Fried Onion

and Butter

Fried Green Pepper

Fried Mochi 

Walleye Pollack

¥100 ¥140 ¥170


海老パン 150.JPG オーロラ 150.JPG 海老塩 150.JPG

Shrimp Bread

Tender Shrimp

Grilled with

Aurora Sauce

Tender Shrimp

Grilled with Salt

¥130 ¥240 ¥220


kaki.jpg menu白.jpg menu白.jpg

Oyster in Butter

and Soy Sauce




海老小松菜 150.JPG ホルモン鉄板 150.JPG 肉もやし 150.JPG

Stir-Fried Shrimp and

Japanese Mustard

Spinach in Garlic

Fried Fresh offal

Produced in Japan

Meat with

Bean Sprouts


¥820 ¥880 ¥390


豚平 150.JPG 餃子 150.JPG 焼きそば 150.JPG
Tonpei Cheese

Handmade Gyoza


Fried Noodles

with oil cake

¥630 ¥390





肉玉 150.JPG スペ 150.JPG 関西風 150.JPG

Soba Noodles with Meat


Special Okonomiyaki


Okonomiyaki with Plenty

of Japanese Yam

〝Kansai Style〟

¥700 ¥1,500




かんてつ焼き 150.JPG menu白.jpg menu白.jpg


Squid Tempura and

Green Onion



★ Toppings ★

Squid Tempura ¥120/Mochi Rice Cake ¥120/Green Onion ¥140/Beefsteak Plant ¥190/Soba Noodles ¥180

Half Serving of Soba Noodles ¥100/Udon Noodles ¥180/Half Serving of Udon Noodles ¥100/Kimchi ¥190




トマトサラダ 150.JPG toma.jpg ベーコンサラダ 150.JPG

Tomato Salad


Chilled Tomato


Daisen Bacon

Caesar Salad

¥610 ¥300 ¥830


menu.jpg _senmai.jpg menu白.jpg
Potato Salad

Third Compartment of

Stomach of a ruminant

¥450 Small ¥360 ¥550



anko.jpg _vani.jpg macha.jpg

Teppan Red Bean 

Paste Wraps

Garnished with

Matcha Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream


Matcha Ice Cream


¥400 ¥260 ¥260


yuzu.jpg menu白.jpg menu白.jpg
Yuzu Citrus Sorbet